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Update (2014-02-28):
It's funny... I read this and so much has changed. I'm not single. I now have 3 kids.
Lily lives with Emily and her mom.
Kitty is gone (that was a horrible day). The last couple years of her life were a gift. She was almost dead and hadn't eaten for over a week. I brought home a pork sandwich and Kitty ate most of it. Then she started eating other stuff again and she lived another 2 years. For as crabby as she could be, when the kids came, she was always very good with them and very patient. She was a great little friend.
Business has never been better. :-)
Trying to find a house or a place to build and there's just nothing on the market. It's weird.
That's enough for now.

Erick This is about me. I am single, successful and bored enough to update my website! I have a daughter who is the most amazing little person I know. She's smart, beautiful and very well-behaved. I like to listen to music when I am working and listen to pretty much anything. I like to get outside in the summer (golfing, working in the yard, etc.), but don't do it enough. I also like watching movies. I have a simple home theatre system and enjoy watching movies with it. Sometimes it's better than going to the movie theater (more privacy and can pause). I am a huge Packers fan and never miss a game. I don't follow the rest of the league that much (not enough time). I love pizza, burgers and chicken. I make a pretty good roast and bbq ribs. I also make homemade mac & cheese, taco hotdish, fettucine alfredo and other good stuff. The best pizza in the world comes from a place called Drag's in Rice Lake. I make awesome peanut butter and bacon sandwiches - I have a special recipe for them. Beyond that... pretty normal.

My dog:
Dog This is my dog. Her name is Lily. Emily wants to change her name to 6 since she is my 6th pet.

My cat:
Cat This is my cat. Her name is Kitty. I got stuck with her. Cats are not my favorite pet - I am more of a dog person, but she has grown on me. She is about 13 years old now. I saw a TV show that said cats are smart and love to learn tricks. I knew she was very smart, but wasn't sure about tricks. I had taught dogs tricks in the past, so this couldn't be too hard. Wrong. It was difficult, but after spending time with her, she proved willing to learn many things. Her basic tricks are to sit, stay, lay down, turn around, stand on her back legs and a few others. She also knows many words and phrases. Imagine a cats life and the objects and actions that are important to them. She knows food, water, treat, out, window, gopher, "time for bed", bye, and a bunch of others that I can't think of right now. She is an inside cat, but knows that when she is allowed to go out, she is to stay within certain boundaries in the back yard. When she gets beyond those and realizes it, she comes right back. That took some time to make her understand, but she does. Several people have pointed out that she acts like a dog. I guess that's because I grew up with dogs and trained her in the same way. She is a pretty good cat and doesn't get into too much trouble. The only thing that is rather annoying is she likes to open the cabinet doors in the bathrooms and push out the drawers. Then she crawls out through the drawers.

RIP 4/24/2013

My house:
House This is my house. I bought it in 2005. I like it. It's got a lot of privacy and the woods out back is nice.

My car:
Grand Prix GT This is my car. It is a 2002 Pontiac Grand Prix GT with all the possible options, except the supercharger. I really like it. The color is called "blue/black". In the right light it is very hard to determine the actual color of the car. I have the polished 3-spoke wheels. I liked them better than the 5-spoke wheels. Previous to this car, I had a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GT. I really liked that car, so I got another one when the time came. I am happy with that decision so far.

My chair:
Herman Miller Aeron This is my chair. It is a Herman Miller Aeron. They can be found at the Herman Miller Store. It is an awesome chair! I originally got a size B, but it was just not right. I replaced it with a size C and that turned out to be perfect. It was tough to get used to because the back reclines independently from the seat, but after a couple of weeks it became hard to use a normal chair! I highly recommend them if you have a spare $700.

My TV:
Widescreen TV This is my Widescreen TV (no more watching movies with annoying black bars!). This is from Best Buy's description: Samsung 47" 16:9 Widescreen Rear-Projection HDTV Monitor with 2-Tuner Picture-In-Picture. This has been a good addition to my home theatre system.

My camera:
Canon Digital Rebel This is my camera. It is a Canon Digital Rebel (EOS 300D). It's awesome! I have a 70-300mm telephoto macro lens for it, too. Good for getting distance shots and cool close-ups.