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Key Technologies:
Active Server Pages Internet Development
PHP Internet Development
Microsoft Visual Basic
Microsoft Access
Linux Operating System
Apache Web Server
Sendmail Internet Mail Server
Windows NT Server and Workstation, Windows 9x
Microsoft Internet Information Server
Microsoft SQL Server
Microsoft Exchange Server
Ipswitch IMail Internet Mail Server
IBM-PC's and compatible microcomputers
Large Variety of Server Hardware

Related Employment:
Systems Consultant & Application Developer
Contracted to local businesses for setup, operations and administration of networks, involving both hardware and software solutions, acting as a surrogate Information Systems personnel. Work encompassed both client and server side details at every level.
Client references available on request.
Imagineering Computer Consultants, Eau Claire ∑ August 15, 2001 to May 31, 2002
∑ September 18, 1996 to July 31, 1999

Internet Services Administrator & Application Developer
Responsible for direction and decisions regarding Internet developments in order to meet requirements imposed by the Federal government.† Developed public Internet site and extranet for use by field staff, agents and policyholders using Active Server Pages, JavaScript, and Crystal Reports.† I am heavily involved in the database design for new and existing projects using Microsoft SQL Server 7.0 and designing and coding conversion programs and final products to utilize these databases.
References available upon request.
North Central Crop Insurance, Eau Claire ∑ September 25, 2000 to August 10, 2001

Information Systems Department Manager
Responsible for daily operations of networking and application development departments involving oversight of people, projects and planning decisions.† I was involved with several programming projects and was responsible for the entire network infrastructure. I supervised one user support person and three Visual Basic developers.
References available upon request.
Lorman Education Services, Eau Claire ∑ August 1, 1999 to June 1, 2000

RedHat Linux Administrator6/8/2000
Active Server Pages Programmer10/4/1999
Project Manager8/29/1999
MS Access Programmer8/15/1999
Unix Administrator8/14/1999
Windows NT Administrator8/9/1999
Windows 95 Administrator7/26/1999
HTML Programmer7/26/1999
Linux Administrator7/25/1999
Visual Basic Programmer7/25/1999

CIS Programmer/Analyst, Associates Degree: December 18, 1996
Chippewa Valley Technical College, Eau Claire, Wisconsin

Detailed Responsibilities and Achievements:
Lorman Education Services
Migrated the network from a Novell Netware based network to a Microsoft WindowsNT based network for file and print services, authentication, and other services to put Lorman in a better position for the future.† In order to make these changes a new fileserver was purchased.† In ordering the system, the current growth of Lorman was taken into account to make future expansion much easier.

The old fileserver is now used to host the Lorman website.† Bringing the Lorman website onsite will save money and make management of the site and the data collected via the site hassle free. I also designed and constructed an easier to use and more professional web site with increased functionality using Active Server Pages.† This made it easy for customers to find and register for seminars online.

Installation of internet email server onsite gives Lorman the ability to add, change, and delete email accounts at their discretion and provide more control over what it is used for.

Move from a firewall, which was no longer sufficient to serve Lormanís needs, to a Linux-based solution.† This achieved better performance and increased security.

Purchased software that would assist in performing a software and hardware audit of computers on the network.† This was used to discover which software is in use on computers so we could determine needs, allowing the removal of unused software and licensing of necessary software.† It was also beneficial in planning for upgrades and fixes for Y2K problem avoidance.† This inventory was also used for insurance purposes.

Implement backup policies, which had not been in place for several months.† In the event of an unrecoverable crash on a server, everything would have been lost.

Virus scanning had been previously disabled on the fileserver.† After enabling it, over 3500 infected files were found on the file-system within the first couple of hours and cleaned effectively.† Investigated, purchased and implemented new enterprise-wide virus scanning software.† This enabled virus scanning on all servers and workstations.† It also provided regular virus definition file updates for all systems from a centralized management console.

Planning action on all Y2K issues at Lorman. This includes hardware testing and software testing and upgrades.† After the turn of the year, no date related issues occurred.

Resolution of possible power related issues in the network operations room.† Installed new APC power line conditioners and battery backup units.† This allows for a more managed source of power and better outage protection for the servers.

Marketed for and assembled a team of developers to create an enterprise-wide management application to handle all business functions.†Supervised team to insure that the application met standards and needs determined by discussions with management.

Purchased, assembled and configured new server for the new company management application.† This is a high-powered network database server which will be used enterprise-wide.

Provided continuous updates to software written using Microsoft Access, Visual Basic, or a combination of the two.† Created new applications as required for daily operation in several departments.† The applications were written in a manner that the code could easily be integrated into the new management application, reducing work for the team of developers.

Imagineering Computer Consultants
Implementation and maintenance of backup procedures for clients using Windows NT 4.0, NetWare 4.11, and Linux servers.

Responsible for Novell Netware to Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 migration at several sites.

Procured, setup, and supported many servers, client personal computers, associated hardware and software working closely with representatives of various computer equipment suppliers.

Responsible for the creation and management of several corporate web sites and servers. This involved database work, graphics and design, coding, and testing.† The creation of the pages involved use of HTML, Active Server Pages, Perl, PHP, and JavaScript.

Developed several database applications for clients using Microsoft Access97 and Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0, integrating other Microsoft Office products, such as Word and Excel, as needed.

Database administration of both Microsoft SQL Server 6.5 & 7.0 and MySQL for clients.

Installation and administration of Microsoft Exchange Server and Sendmail servers to handle messaging needs for several clients.

All work involved researching, installing, configuring and testing of all applications and operating systems prior to implementation.

Solely responsible for ISP portion of the business. Configured and maintained four servers, dial-up services, and ISDN connections.† The servers were three Linux systems used for DNS, email, ftp and web hosting, and one NT system used strictly for web hosting for people who needed FrontPage Extensions or Active Server Pages.